Tired Mind, Tired Body

Uff da. What a day. We are down a counselor due to illness and another in training without a caseload which equates to my co-worker and I pulling double duty with higher caseloads. My brain is shot.

The thought of coming home to cook supper brought up feelings of dread. I was tempted to throw a fit, stomp my feet and scream ‘I don’t wanna!!. Supper, cook yourself!!!’

In the past this would be the time my hubby and I would bring up the trusty pizza app and Voilà! Supper with no effort. Well, the two of us sat down recently and looked at our budget. We totaled up the amount we were spending on take out. YIKES!!! I knew we were spending a lot, but the figure that stared us back in the face was shocking.

We made a commitment to ourselves, our kiddos and our pocket book that we would stop. Not completely, my hubby likes a particular fast food joint in the morning once in a while, and I enjoy a Starbucks now and then. We decided, during the week and most weekends to cook at home.

Fortunately, I blogged quite some time ago about a nifty rotating menu I used. (You can find it here My Rotating Menu).  I developed this back when I was organized. I still have all the ingredients saved in One Note, so it made it simple to pick back up again. It alleviates my mind the need to come up with something on a whim so that on nights like tonight, it’s all planned and ready to go.

So there you have it. A plan working in the moment I feel like doing anything other than following it. Goes to show preparation is key to accomplishing our goals, even the simplest of goals of eating home cooked meals.

Till next time,


I used to Write and Run 

(not at the same time of course! Can you imagine?!)
Inspiration did come while I was hitting the road and writing inspired me to lace up. It was a win-win. I was happier, my family was happier, AND my house was cleaner. 

I miss this. A lot. 

I’ve been ready for quite some time to get moving again, however there are a few things which have been holding me back. 

1. My weight

2. My feet

3. My bladder

4. My woman parts (TMI)

So, now you know where I have been. I’ve been looking at this fork in the road; am I going to completely give up because of my frustrations OR am I going to do something about it? 

I’ve been stalled at this spot for awhile. Ambivalent and contemplating which way to go. The pros of writing and running far out way the cons. ( I have the proof in writing, I’ll share at a later date…)

I have finally made a decision and commitment to make a change. 

Tomorrow, I’m calling for an appointment. The last time, I was at my OB,  (October 2015, I think?), he said, ‘Anytime you’re ready.’ 

I’m ready now. I’ve had enough. Throwing up my hands. Waving the white flag. Though I’m scared as hell, I’m excited for the future. Looking forward to running without wearing a diaper or being in significant amount of pain from the cramping in my gut. 

As far as 1 & 2? I rejoined weight watchers and have started to take off some weight. SLOWLY. Not at all like the first time. Probably because of the lack of exercise, my age, and weight watchers new program, (jury is still out on this). I joined 11/30/15 and have lost 14.2 lbs. I’m moving in the right direction at least…

I’ve jumped on the treadmill with intention to do C25K again, my feet ached and cramped and I gave up. I need to get back on there and do what I can. As the weight goes down, my feet will thank me. (A new pair of shoes would make them happy, too…)

I’m making a commitment to myself again and it feels good. Knowing how writing encouraged my dedicatation to my well-being before, it’s seems natural for me to add this to the routine. 

Will this be a lot of hard work? Yes, without a doubt. Will it be worth it? Yes. Why? Because my family and myself are worth it. 

Till next time,