Courage To Run’s Favorite Recipes of 2013

I have had some hits and I’ve had some misses in the kitchen. I am by no means a professional cook, however, I LOVE to cook, bake, and create, (my extensive Pampered Chef collection supports this claim).  I rarely make the same thing twice, which drives my dear hubby somewhat batty, however the following recipes are ones I have found to be definite repeats.

The following all were my family’s favorites:


French Toast in a Mug

Whole Wheat BreadHomemade Clean Bread

Bulgur Chili

Corn Tortillas

Flour Tortillas

Easier Tomato Sauce


Homemade Waffle Sticks & Applesauce013

Beef Brisket with BBQ Sauce

Beefed Up Chili

Chicken BBQ Sandwiches (crock pot)

Italian Bistro Hot Beef Sandwiches

In addition to finding some favorites in 2013, I also learned a lot about Clean Eating. Remember when I was going to only eat clean? I was really successful for quite a while and though I do not consider my self a clean eater now, I did learn a lot about the food I buy and bring into my home. I still pay very close attention to the ingredients list on products I buy; this has been and will continue to be important to me, I’m just not a ‘die-hard’ clean eater that I once tried to be.

All in all, I learned a lot about myself and how what I eat can impact my ability to be successful. The food I feed my body is a direct reflection on how I feel about myself overall. In 2013, I learned restricting myself and not allowing certain foods causes more damage than good. Expecting 100% compliance is not beneficial, however educating myself about what I eat and eating things in moderation is much healthier lifestyle for me.

Going forward into 2014, I look forward to trying more recipes and sharing them with you.

Happy New Year, everyone!

  • What were some of your favorite recipes of 2013?
  • What did you learn about your eating in 2013?

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